Track-By-Track: Inkswel Runs Down Tokyo Dawn’s Aussie Soul Compilation, The Nature Volume 1

Australian-originated soul comes to the forefront with the new release from Tokyo Dawn Records, entitled The Nature Volume 1.

Below, album curator Inkswel takes us through his selections for the compilation. Hit play and read on.

01. DRMNGNOW – Australia Does Not Exist feat. Adrian Eagle, Philly & Culture Evolves

Neil Morris is a Yorta Yorta man and in our opinion the premier Indigenous rapper and artist in Melbourne right now. He really invokes a spirit and soul in his music and we couldn’t complete this compilation without his beautiful presence.


02. Natalie Slade – Humidity

Nat is the hottest up and coming vocalist in the Australian soul dynamic right now, after beautiful collaborations with Steve Spacek, Katalyst and Plutonic Lab with their group FRANCO she is going from strength to strength. This track is from her forthcoming EP/album produced by Simon Mavin of Hiatus Kaiyote fame!

Natalie Slade

03. Eliza Dickson – Gold feat. Braxton Cook & Lauren Desberg

I came across Eliza in my hometown of Adelaide. Her latest EP is a great body of work that was put together beautifully, she is a promising talent and we believe one of the stand out tracks.

Eliza Dickson / Image: Lauren Desberg


04. Ruru – Ether
I came across the artist known as Ruru through my brothers the legendary Social Change crew (one of Adelaide’s most legendary local crews). Her producer is part of the group, the amazing Funkwig. She is a huge talent and is destined for big things! This track is such a beautiful starting point to her craft.



05. Inkswel & Man Made Mountain – The Master Plan (Jungle Mix)

This is actually an older remix I did for my brother Cazeaux O.S.L.O. and his Melbourne group Man Made Mountain. It’s direct from the vaults and fitted the vibe of things perfectly. Caz is a go-to MC in Australia and has some great projects like House of Beige and So.Crates.

Man Made Mountain / Image: Simages Photography

06. Spikey Tee – Sweet Nothings

Spikey is a legend of the drum’n’bass and soul scenes worldwide. He’s been a close friend for some time and I recently learned he had a solo album that he had shelved… he thought no one would like it! But when I heard it, it was incredible!

The full album will drop later this year on Tokyo Dawn and I’m so glad the world gets to hear this amazing music. He is one of the most talented singers I have come across, a true unique voice.

07. Planetself – You Plus Me

This is my group, the other label head Marc insisted we included it… I couldn’t really argue with that (haha!). This is taken from the High Tide release we dropped last year with Tokyo Dawn.

Planetself / Image: Jason Barton

08. Belove – Slipping
I came across this great soul band via the powers of Instagram! Such a dope Melbourne outfit with a very unique sound, slightly reminiscent of Tom Misch, but totally original and with their own Melbourne spin on things! Love it!


09. il Combo – Throw Me a Line
These guys are both originally from the legendary Aussie hip hop group Good Buddha (which is now no longer).

They moved away from the rap and beats vibe and now are doing a really great take on contemporary soul music. Their debut album is a slept on classic – go and find it!

il Combo / Image: Archie Satracom

10. Lander – Zurs feat. Allysha Joy
Another online find… I found these cats via the powers of Facebook, and it sealed the deal when I heard this great collab they did with 30/70 front woman Allysha Joy!

Allysha Joy

11. Cool Out Sun – Plabba
Nfa has been a homie of mine for a long time, we had to include a track from his great new band Cool Out Sun, they released a beautiful debut and have been killing it on the live circuit and festival scene.

Cool Out Sun

12. Decades – Road To Nowhere feat. Brian Ruiz

I have known Biz and dL of Decades for more than half my life, local legends of the Adelaide Hip Hop scene. They kept going through all the ups and downs and have consistently been making cool music for a good 15 years, so I asked them to find something from the vaults and this is the jam we picked!

13. Resin Dogs – Ride feat. Kel on Earth

One of Australia’s legendary hip hop bands. Brisbane hometown heroes with a rap sheet like no other, so happy to have these guys onboard. This track shines with powerful vocals from Kel on Earth!

Resin Dogs

14. Charli Umami & Jus – Where The Water Used 2 Run

Jus has been a producer I have been checking for online or some time, he’s from the States originally but resides in Melbourne now with his young family.

Charli (Inkswel’s partner and fellow Planetself member) also loves what he is doing, so I put them in touch and this is the magic they created!

15. Dreamkatchers – Oh Dear feat. Kev Brown

Super cool to unearth this project! Produced by Low Budget crew member Kev Brown. Nfa is a local legend and this is from a project he did many years ago that unfortunately never saw the light of day, so blessed to see this finally get heard! True boom bap soul vibes!


16. Silent Titan – Out of Sight feat. Jace XL

Titan has been doing his thing for some time. I first heard him doing beats for Pegs and local rappers, but his recent collabs with MED and Blu are getting international recognition. Great to have him on board with one of Melbourne’s finest soul signers Jace XL!

17. Paul Gorrie – Infinite / Limitless

We had to finish things of by paying respect to the custodians of this beautiful land, and Paul Gorrie is a true representation of this in the Melbourne frame work, a Yorta Yorta man with so much soul.

I met Paul originally through DJing at a local bar called Howler and we hit it off. Such a nice guy with a great soul and huge passion for music! On this joint he sings and produces with the assistance of Melbourne legend Pataphysics.

Paul Gorrie

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