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Video Premiere: Agile Experiments – one mind-spirit

Take a deep breath, and let it out slowly as you hit play on this one…

Below we premiere the video for Agile Experiments‘ new release, one mind-spirit. Consisting of Dave De Rose (band leader, producer, drummer, bassist), Jon Scott (drums, Go Go Penguin) and George Crowley (Melt Yourself Down, on sax and semi-modular synths), the trio seek the perfect meeting point between free improv, irresistible groove and an enveloping sound.

The album These Are Times For Mind And Spirit is Agile Experiments’ eleventh release in 4 years, reflecting the fertility and ideas abound in the methodology of the project and the freedom of the musicians.

Dave expands on the creation of the video for this one: “For me, one-mind spirit is a track that calls for peace to our inner world as well as our outer world. The entire cosmos we are part of, ‘the all’, as I like to call it. The preservation of our natural world, the preservation of our natural ways of being, the connectivity within and beyond ourselves. We are one. One with the space around us. One with our material and spiritual world. There’s no mind without the spirit. No spirit without the mind.

“We took a deep turn recording this track, the vibes of our improvisations on this album are really varied but here, space took control. The bass is the anchor, the drums flirt with the melodic, the synth pulsates in an smooth but uneven upward spiral, waiting for the saxophone to ecstatically drive us to its climax.”

Dave reached out to choreographer and dancer Maria Pisiou and cinematographer and editor Nefeli Papaioannou to create visuals for the track.

There’s no mind without the spirit. No spirit without the mind.

Dave De Rose

“I had been collaborating with Maria on a live performance at Music Village Festival in Pilion (Greece) this summer. In some downtime I played her one-mind spirit and she started to move. It was like she effortlessly connected to the sounds. We immediately reached out to Nefeli who was also performing at the festival and found a time to capture the performance.

“We could not have found a more heartfelt location for our video shoot than this opening in Agios Lavredios looking out on Drakia. Maria and Nefeli are both well versed in improvisation, they both have an incredible attention to detail and let the sound of the music guide them. I felt deeply connected with it all as I stood back and let them conjure with their mastery.”

These Are Times For Mind And Spirit is out 4 November 2022 and can be pre-ordered here.