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Video Premiere: Children Of Zeus – Smoke with Me

We’ve been tentatively following Children Of Zeus’ progression since being unable to stay sitting to their debut EP Still Standing. Trickling out British, street soul from their base in the North, the duo has steadily pooled a troop of loyal followers, attracting hip-hop heads, R&B fans and their musical peers alike.

In anticipation of their first LP (set to drop in 2018) and to mark the end of a chapter, Kon and Daley have pulled productions from the previous decade to tell us The Story So Far… A couple new tracks have made their way into the six track EP too. Included in the mix is Smoke With Me, a gentle melody which remedies a broken heart with zip-lock bags of classic hip-hop tapes and a certain coveted tree.

Click play below to get the exclusive first watch of Smoke With Me and pre-order The Story So Far… from First Word Records.

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