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Video Premiere: DRS reflects on an All Time High

Main image by Andy Nicholson

Bonafide is proud to premiere the video for DRS‘ second single from his intensely personal Pitch 92-produced album, From The Deep. An honest reflection of how he feels about the world and a gauge for just how intimate the album is, it’s the follow up to Serial Escapistreleased at the end of January.

“The track is about the state of the world today,” DRS says. “A tale of the effects of outward racism and the rise of hate through hand held devices and the internet, and how this behaviour is accepted in modern day society.”

Despite the cosmic inclinations of his label Space Cadet and the global issues addressed in the lyrics, the video (shot by Tarnish Vision) was made very close to home. “The video is the depiction of northern council estates. The land of the lost, where decades of government neglect have forced slum like existence all over again. Streets filled with extreme poverty and crime but still so much hope and dreams that unfortunately more times than often never come true. But we keep pushing on.”

Buy and stream From The Deep here.

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