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Video Premiere: Joker Starr ft Dani Bliss – Man’s So Shabba (King Bliss Remix)

Industrious Slough-based artist Joker Starr offers up a remix of recent single Man’s So Shabba, the follow up to his G.A.W.D. album released earlier this year, featuring Dani Bliss and reworked by King Bliss. The video, premiered below, is directed by Pietro Biz Biasia.

Joker Starr has also just dropped a collaboration project with King Kashmere of Strange U, where the duo are known as Gawd Status. Buy the single Heavy Metal / The Alchemist here.

The Man’s So Shabba 6 track EP features Xidontlie, Josh Cyrus and Dani Bliss with production by  Xidontlie, Lobster Music (Wizard and Scizzahz) and Abstract Orchestra sparring partner Micall Parknsun.

Stream the EP here.

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