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Video Premiere: Myele Manzanza – Silencing The Sun (ft Wallace)

Myele Manzanza has announced his third album, Crisis & Opportunity Vol.3 – Unfold, and today we debut the video for the first single from the album, featuring fellow New Zealand artist Wallace on vocals.

For this new phase of his work, Myele’s changed his approach from drummer/improviser to a more producer focused role, considering more of an electronic output – he’s got in mind club music incorporating jazz and the technical musicianship he’s known for.

The album was made in the wake of a chance conversation between Myele and a young barista about the ins and outs of following musical passions, recharging him into finding new ways to approach his craft. He’s shared production duties with Lewis Moody of Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange.

Manzanza and Moody in the studio.

On working with Wallace, Myele said : ‘We had been aware of each other since our late teens in Wellington, but as she moved to Australia pretty soon after high school we never really crossed creative paths until the 2020s when we were both in London.

“She’s a singer par excellence with laser precision execution in the studio and a commanding presence on stage. If I don’t say so myself I feel she blessed this record with some of her strongest writing to date in Silencing The Sun and I’m honoured she felt that she could contribute such a personal statement for my record.’

Crisis & Opportunity Vol. 3 – Unfold will be released on the 25th November via DeepMatter. Pre-order vinyl and digital editions here.

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