Video Premiere: Paper Tiger – Rush

We got to know Paper Tiger a little better back in 2014 when they compiled a mix for our Bonafide Beats series; a brilliant relic to recall some of our favourite tracks from the time, which still bangs three years on.

We continue to follow their journey south as the band have gradually migrated from Leeds to London. Their new surrounding of the bustling capital has begun to rub off on them which can be seen in their latest single with accompanying video, Rush.

A charming, animated, London native Raphael Attar delivers lyrics of happenings in the metropolis, whilst riding the tube and interacting with real life Londoners. The beat, in true Paper Tiger style is a catchy, bouncy skew of electronic influences, matching the diverse, busy nature of London.

One of the band’s beat-makers, Greg Surmacz, puts it succinctly; “We wanted to pay tribute to this wonderful city and its creaking transport system.”

Rush will be available to buy on the June 30th on Wah Wah 45s. Give the vid a watch below.

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