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Video Premiere: Soul Inscribed Tap Into Global Support For Home Is Free

A while back, New York City crew Soul Inscribed put a shout out about a collaborative video for their song Home Is Free – the final product, premiered below, sees friends and dancers from Thailand, Morocco, the UK, Switzerland, Australia and from coast to coast in the States offer heartfelt contributions in a similar vibe to the recent Swing Ting video for Give Thanks.

Wearing NYC proudly on their sleeves and pouring it out from their hearts, jazz, hip-hop, house, Afrobeat, soul, and disco all feed directly into Soul Inscribed’s sound. The Tune Up EP itself, according to the band, ‘challenges corruption and repression and reflects on communal joy and freedom of expression’.

Design: Matt Lyon

The project manifests as a sextet: poet and rapper Baba Israel hooks up with long time friends multi-instrumentalist Yako 440  and poet/performer Duv for the project, as well singer Grace Galu. They are joined by saxophonist Sean Nowell and MC/Drummer Doron Lev.

The UK’s Irfan Rainy produces the EP, a well known Manchester-based producer and DJ who became a friend of Baba’s during his time as artistic director of the city’s Contact Theatre.

Kick back and enjoy out some unique interpretations of the track, out today on the 8-track EP from Tokyo Dawn Records. Check more TDR vibes over at this top ten list and interview from the renowned Spikey Tee.

Head to Tokyo Dawn to stream and buy the Tune Up EPBandcamp or iTunes.