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Watch: Bonafide TV Episode 9 – Run The Jewels

“A hyper violent rom-com”

Some musicians just exude a sense of watchability. El-P and Killer Mike are two such artists. From their music as Run The Jewels, to the electrifying live performances and the visceral music video for 36″ Chain, they are always good value and are never anything less than entertaining. It should then come as no surprise that they make for compelling and hilarious interviewees for Bonafide TV, with Mike recounting a metaphor about eating antelope in the Serengeti and offering sage advice to young artists in which he compares the importance of concise musical output with the length of a woman’s skirt.

Read our review of Run The Jewels’ debut album here and watch an earlier edition of Bonafide TV with Killer Mike here.

Interviewed, directed and edited by: Adrian Choa
Opening credits: Paragon Pictures

The Deluxe European Edition of Run The Jewels is now out on Big Dada and Run The Jewels 2 will be released later this year

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