Watch the first 3 minutes of Flylo’s ‘grotesque’ debut feature: KUSO

KUSO, Steven Ellis’ (aka Flying Lotus) nausea inducing first film has already been dubbed ‘one of the most grotesque films ever made’. Quite impressive for a first-time director. It’s now available via a new streaming platform, Shudder. Think Netflix but for people that like blood and guts. The film documents the lives of earthquake survivors in a dystopian LA, and is heavy on the gore, as you may have gathered. So if the concept of ‘a crustacean curing a man’s fear of breasts from within George Clinton’s rectum’ appeals then this might be the film for you. FlyLo fans (Bonafide included) have greeted its release with some bemusement – perhaps waiting to see what all the ‘puss’ is about, so much as fuss?

But if you’re not sure you can handle a full 1 hour 30 – check out the opening 3 minutes below. It involves fellow LA rapper, Busdriver, covered in boils and interrupting a news broadcast with manic, theatrical riffing over some freeform jazz. Curious.

Stream KUSO on Shudder

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