Watch Jay Z hear the Dirt Off Your Shoulder beat for the first time

Witness history being made.

This previously unseen footage shows Jay Z hearing Timbaland’s beat to Dirt Off Your Shoulder for the very first time. The video makes for absorbing viewing for a number of reason; the first thing that pops out is Jay’s sheer awestruck face at hearing such a killer beat, then you watch it again and notice the carefully positioned vase of flowers against the wall, then again and you see Timbaland waving around a half eaten bananaas he dances to his work.

“I’m the best there is”, Timbaland sniggers as he walks off, leaving Hov to laugh smugly, knowing that he’d just landed on a big paycheck. Watch it all unravel below.

Timbaland playing the "Dirt Off Your Shoulder" beat to JAY Z for the first time. From 'Fade to Black'

Posted by Pigeons and Planes on Tuesday, September 8, 2015

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