Watch: Kidkanevil, Tall Black Guy & Eric Lau rifle through Mr. Things crates to create a beat for Record Store Day.

Today is Record Store Day and First Word Records have put together a special double 7″ for the occasion. Mr Thing invited Kidkanevil, Tall Black Guy & Eric Lau over to his lab to browse his ridiculously extensive vinyl collection, the idea being that each producer, Mr Thing included, makes a beat using samples sourced from Thing’s record shelves. The the only stipulation was ‘The guys can sample anything they like, but Nothing Leaves The House…‘ – Fair enough.

They also put together this dope vid documenting the day. (Filmed by Ricky Kershaw and Jeff Metal. Edited by Ricky Kershaw.)

As with most Record Store day releases, limited numbers are available, so get down to your local record store and cop that ish!

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