The Week In Beats: Flamingods, Jesse James Solomon, Telefon Tel Aviv and more

The internet can be a daunting place at the best of times, and when it comes to music there’s a never ending rabbit hole of mixes, remixes, tracks, mixtapes and videos being uploaded on the daily. It’s physically impossible to be able to digest everything that is throw into the public consciousness, so we’ve taken time out to handpick the six freshest beats we’ve heard this week to make your life a bit easier. Kick back and enjoy them over the weekend. Here is the Week In Beats.

Yazz Ahmed – Organ Eternal
A relative unknown, Bahraini-British trumpet and flugelhorn player Yazz Ahmed has grabbed our attention with a middle-eastern inflected jazz exploration on Organ Eternal. A considerably mature offering from someone as ostensibly green as Ahmed, the real artistic riches that she possesses are yet to be unlocked.

Telefon Tel Aviv – Something Akin To Lust
The first track in eight years from Joshua Eustis’ cult project Telefon Tel Aviv is a cerebral affair – maybe a bit more greyscale than his previous work, Something Akin To Lust shares a similar shelf space with Oneohtrix Point Never and Tim Hecker. It’s a visceral listen.

LCD Soundsystem – Call The Police
We shouldn’t have ever doubted them really, have they ever released a dud tune? James Murphy and co’s consistent quality is perhaps what is most remarkable about LCD Soundsystem. They strike a decidedly Bowie tone with new track Call The Police – welcome back boys.

Jesse James Solomon – City Lights
Jesse James Solomon has been a favourite of ours for a while, and he does his best Mike Skinner impression on City Lights, a spoken word piece about inner city life. It’s dour and downbeat but has that evocative realness that is a rare thing to find.

Flamingods – Mixed Blessings
Borne out of Bahrain, Flamingods’ music puts a focus on exploration and experimentation, often taking influence from different cultures by use of an extensive collection of instruments from as far as Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia, Turkey, Japan and Tanzania. It’s no surprise then that they’ve found a home on Soundway Records, the UK’s preeminent world music label, and new track Mixed Blessings is as beautiful an entry as any into their multicultural world.

Childish Gambino – Redbone (Remix) Ft. Cee Lo Green
Re-working an instant classic is a risky move, but who’s gonna stop Cee Lo? His falsetto tones are a perfect fit for Redbone’s mellow beat. Smooth AF!

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